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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 22, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning. i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. it is summer but it doesn't look or feel like it. really grey out there. >> yeah, a little wet right? that's why we arrival delays at san francisco international airport for nearly four hours. >> meteorologist mike nicco says he is seeing showers too. >> let's check it out. live doppler showing showers
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over the last three hours rotating from the southwest to the northeast around the area of low pressure to our north and west. the low is head to the southeast just a matter of time before some of these showers make it to the ground. what you are seeing as far as greens and blues over top of us is sprinkles most virga evaporating before it reaches the ground. the yellows will start to drop showers on top of us. right now showers just off the shore as you move inland, 101 you are seeing some of those sprinkles. this area has the potential to drop nearly quarter of an inch in hour going to move into the north bay and bring light rain. police are investigating an unusual whom spied in the oakland hills now. a woman's -- body was found on highway on-ramp at mountain boulevard and joaquin miller road. katie marzullo was first on the
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scene. she has video. >> reporter: the body was found by drivers getting on highway 13 northbound on-ramp at joaquin miller road. whether the body whether the woman was killed there or her body was left there neighboring businesses are on edge. abc7 news had only camera after at the scene as the coroner's office removed the body of the woman from the highway 13 on-ramp in the oakland hills. >> witnesses attempted to do cpr, no luck. obviously medical responded and declared the person dead at the scene. >> reporter: that was 1:30 this morning. the woman had been shot not clear if she was killed, where or if her body was left there after the fact. >> we don't get a lot of calls up here if we do it is not similar to this. >> reporter: nearby merchant agree. they were not expecting a homicide steps from their businesses. >> we had minor problems, but
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not major this is probably the first one which hear something like that and really sorry about that. >> i'm concerned because people work here at odd hours of the night and we have concern of say >> reporter: angela is the merchant watch captain. she says some businesses have cameras aimed at the intersection of joaquin miller road and mountain boulevard in an effort to deter criminal activity. >> the neighborhood will be upset because we work hard at keeping organized and like i say we have our cameras up and we are really trying to keep crime to a minimum. >> reporter: we don't know if those cameras captured anything that could help police find a killer. as you saw an officer has been on the scene take being pictures the victim's identity has not been released. -- katie marzullo, abc7 news. a san francisco couple accused of killing their 17-year-old daughter's pimp pleaded not guilty this
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morning. prosecutors filed formal murder charges today again 38-year-old gary gilton and 37-year-old lieu a mercado. police say they track -- tracked and wounded calvin sneed, eight days later they are accused of confronting sneed in san francisco, shooting and killing him. the charges include a special circumstantial that could make them eligible for make him eligible forever the death penalty if prosecutors decide to pursue it. two men accused of savagely beating fan brian stow were in court this morning. terry mcsweeney joins us with all the developments. >> reporter: 30-year-old louis sanchez and marvin norwood pleading not guilty in the beating of brian stow march 31st of last year. the district attorney has been building a case against the
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suspects that includes what sounds like a confession. take a look at the two in court this morning. their only comment was, yes your honor when asked if they understood the charges. sanchez is changing to a public defender from a private attorney who said sanchez could not afford him for a month long trial. some of the evidence against sanchez and norwood is a secretly recorded conversation following a line-up in july. the men are heard discussing how they beat stow in the parking lot after the game against the giants it left the paramedic permanently disabled with brain damage. the men talked about the need to make up some kind of defense and we may learn more about their defense when the two return to court july 24th, for a pretrial hearing. electric carmaker tesla will deliver its first sedan made in fremont to customers today. the first people who reserved the model s will receive their keys in a special ceremony at
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3:00 this afternoon. that ceremony going to take place at tesla's plant in a complex -- [ unintelligible ] tesla plans to build 20,000 vehicles a year. the first model s sedans will cost either $87,000 or $97,000, depending on options. tesla plans to seles expensive models. san jose's mayor, police chief and family of a young murder victim are putting their heads together to address youth violence. a 14-year-old was killed at roosevelt park in april his murder still unsolved. amy hollyfield is live at san jose city hall. >> reporter: san jose police tell us this is a critical time to address this, the beginning of summer means an uptick in crime committed by young people. it has been an especially violent year here for teenagers. the beating death of 14-year-old heriberto reyes at
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a park in april impacted several segments of the community. his family is devastated. >> we want the community to help us find the people that did this to my little brother. we want justice. >> reporter: there are also the emergency workers who tried to save young victims of violence. >> when we lose a young patient, it is traumatic and it is senseless and we wonder with what type of life that person might have. >> reporter: police officers trying to prevent violent crimes but watching as the number of them go up. >> this year 19 homicides. what is alarming is six have been individuals who are 14 to 18 years of age that's very concerning. >> reporter: the mayor's gang task force has decided to respond with new techniques. the first part of the plan is engage the safe leaders in the community. >> we recognize there isn't a
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community center or library in each of our hot spots but in each within we found three to four faith facilities. -- >> reporter: trying to reach people in the hospital. a team will talk to those involved in gang violence while they are at valley medical center. >> there's probably no better time than someone on the edge of death through a knifing or shooting they might have an open mind about considering something different that's one of the things we are doing to use that window of opportunity. >> reporter: they will be adding additional street workers outreach workers to talk to teenagers, try to redirect them from a life in a gang and a critical point, critical addition to the gang task force they will be adding this summer, money. they are going to redirect two million dollars for this effort. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. over one million people are expected in san francisco this weekend for the annual
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lgbt pride celebration today is the 9th annual trans march. the celebration starts 3:30 i -- the march 6:30. the big pride parade is sunday at 10:30 a.m. along market from beale to 8:00 followed by a celebration in the civic center streets will be closed in the area people are advised to take public transit. also today former republican vice president dick cheney announced that his daughter mary has married her longtime partner heather poe in washington, d.c.. estimate ahead, abc7 news exclusive. >> he invited you to his hotel room, why did you go? >> sex scandal that ed the 2008 presidential campaign.
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rielle hunter opens up about john edwards. thousands donate to a grandmother bullied on a bus by middle school students.
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tonight chris cuomo talks exclusively with rielleeóáç hunr she slams edwards late wife who died from cancer. >> reporter: rielle hunter
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didn't take a stand at edwards' trial but now talking to chris cuomo. at fair that turned into one of the biggest political sex scandals first began in a new york hotel in 2006. edwards invited hunter to his room and she said the sparks flew. >> intensity like a rock concert. >> reporter: she said their connection was so strong even as edwards was campaigning to be president he was willing to risk it all to be with her. >> if we were not together, we would be talking on the phone about four hours, every right. -- every night. >> reporter: hunter says the edwards a marriage was ruined years before she came into the picture. >> he tells you there have been other women in his wife -- in his life? >> yes, i was not the first. >> reporter: she discovered she was pregnant with their now 4-year-old daughter francis quinn. edward denied he was the
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father. hunter called it devastating but chalked up edwards' lies to temporary insanity. >> at some point they want you to sign a confidentiality agreement that you will not tell anybody hot father is, except quinn. >> yes and i refused. >> i don't want my daughter growing up a lie. >> reporter: in her new book she doesn't hold back on elizabeth. >> their father is not a demon and their mother is not a saint and i'm not a home wrecker. >> reporter: family and close friends of elizabeth edwards say it is unfortunate she is being criticized by someone who never knew her. vacation fund growing quickly for a bus monitor bullied by middle school students. a family friend began the fundraising drive after this video went viral showing her being verbally and physically abused on the bus. they taunted the grandmother of bait her son who committed
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suicide that fund is up to $527,000. klein's family says they are overwhelmed with the outpouring of support. she can go on one great vacation. there's also a facebook page if anybody wants to leave a good thought for her. looks like mother nature is being bullied by old man winter. that may be a poor choice of words, sorry about that. sunshine in the south bay, a little rain coming our way we'll show it to you on live doppler in the north bay, when it will get to your neighborhood and how it will affect your plans. hillary clinton like you have never seen her before. why she jazzed it up at a news conference. pixar releases big movie today. tkofrpb sanchez previews "brave" next.h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@@ f
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then of course the piece that resistance.
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-- she looked great. secretary of state clinton sported unusual accessories last night. clinton decided to spice up what was supposed to be a routine swearing in ceremony for her assistant secretary of public affairs. purple is his favorite she put on purple costume jewelry and sunglasses she joked she has pain suits in nearly every other color except purple. reminds you of mardi gras. >> diplomacy with humor, great. finally starting to see sun in some places. >> san francisco in between getting a little mist and drizzle as we look west from south beach this morning that is the case as we look on live doppler, we have the best chances of rain up in the north bay let's zoom down and show you south parts of
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santa rosa towards petaluma the area that is getting sprinkles now the blue and green have a hard time making it to the ground. more impressive reds and yellows, light to moderate rain from 20 to 45 miles from the sonoma county coast down to the marin county coast just a matter of an hour or two before you get wet weather. 50s, we have a few 60s east bay and south bay where the sunshine is out big story cool this afternoon showers in the north bay chance of those rolling into the rest of the bay during the evening hours and overnight pockets of drizzle by tomorrow morning afternoon sun sure but weekends cooler 50s at the coast today, 61 san francisco, mid to upper 60s bay shore to the north bay. possibility of reaching 70 much more sun monterey bay. don't let the chance of light
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showers or drizzle keep you from the game. a's and giants at the coliseum 7:05 first pitch, 58 to 55 need to be more worried about the coolness than the fact that it may drizzle. 2:00 you can see wave that we jut showed you on doppler in the north bay dropping light to moderate rain there couple of waves of showers moving in by 7:00 another round moving down with the cold front during the evening you need to be prepared you may get wet anywhere by tomorrow morning you can see 8:00 most of that is gone by the afternoon hours the cooler drier air from alaska moves in sunshine cooler air will keep temperatures below average if you are heading to the pride parade sunday 10 a.m. on market street, appear we may warm to 60 -- 57, we may warm to 60 during the afternoon. temperatures below average and steady tomorrow through monday tuesday through thursday a
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slight warming trend back to average those days. seven different non-profit organizations celebrated the opening of a new one-stop service center for low income families and individuals in san francisco, the united way played a major role the center will offer career training employment placement and housing assistance if you would like to learn about spark point go to look see it on tv. new disney pixar film "brave" opens in theaters today. a head strong scottish princess' quest for adventure takes a turn. don sanchez went to scotland to talk with the film's creators about breaking new ground. >> they look at a challenge instead of saying that's impossible, they say huh, never do that. >> how will we do it.
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>> then big brains hack it out. >> if you had the chance to change your fate, would you? >> you can catch don's review on abc7 news tonight at pixar and abc7 are part of the walt disney company. >> mike will be back to introduce us to sadie.
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today at 4:00, researchers have found a link between a common health problem and the water. then at 5, it is being called an invisible war inside the military many woman leads fight against military rapes.
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finney's friday free stiff. those stories and more later today. tonight petaluma will host the ugliest dog contest. -- the annual contest has become so popular there's an entry from britain journalists from as far away as china. 30 not so pretty pooches, a mary of opinion, will face off 4:30 first prize $1,000, a year supply of biscuits and worldwide attention. >> all dogs are cute. >> yeah in their own way. mike you got a cute one. >> i have a pretty lady named sally and lynn a pretty lady. special circumstance that brought sadie. >> she is a military dog. unfortunately, they are going to be restationed they were unable to take her and her brother scout a golden retriever he got adopted right
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away she is 6-years-old, a dachshund long haired like velvet. and he is very affectionate, obviously well disciplined. knows commands. she she is potty trained all those good things. only thing she is not thrilled with cats. the family should not have cats she would be a wonderful addition. she is allergic to chicken she has lost middle patches of fur. >> make sure that is not in her food and call, give sadie a home she is a lovely dog. they got a bunch of chihuahuas, no fee adopt them too. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us today. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> have a great
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